Company Activity

ARTEO MED SERVICE provide assembly, installation and „Project Management” services for the producents of the diagnostic medical equipment. We have many years of experience in the field of maintenance and assembly services, and our employees have the required technical qualifications confirmed by manufacturer’s certificates. Our company also carry out adaptation and adjustment works, and currently we are introducing an offer of an innovative service in the field of ceiling support construction for imaging diagnostics devices.

If the object is prepared for assembly and the need arises, we are ready to take specific and immediate actions, and our motto is to meet the client’s needs as quickly and as effectively as possible in order to provide a reliable and complete service leading to client’s full satisfaction.

Our team of installers has a lot of experience related to the installation of diagnostic imaging devices produced by the companies which all are well known on the international market. We have over 50 installations of angiographs and X-ray devices in the country and abroad. Installation works are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and finalized with the required measurements and tests which enabling the device to be commissioned for clinical use. The work is carried out by using the necessary tools and recommended measuring instruments as well as broadly understood technical culture and aesthetics. Our qualifications are supported by training in training centers and by achieving a manufacturer’s certificates.

We are a company with great flexibility in adapting to diverse and dynamically changing needs, managed by people with many years of management experience in the field of medical construction and medicine.

Ceiling Support Construction: benefits of system suport construction:

⦁ an unified project adapted to the technological solutions of the company allows to maximally shorten the time of preparation and adaptation of the project.
⦁ prefabricated elements allow us to start implementation within 48 hours.
⦁ Easy to modify the construction already being „in progress” state
⦁ the possibility of expanding the structure with additional support elements for mounting plates of treatment lamp columns and radiological shields, laminar flow expansion boxes, cable routes, medical gas strings, etc.
⦁ all metal components of the system protected against corrosion – galvanizing
⦁ aesthetic finish from the ceiling side with a white strip
⦁ if it is not possible to anchor directly to the ceiling (ceiling load capacity is not guaranteed in the project), Arteo Med Service performs the required adaptation depending on local technical conditions

Medical equipment service:

In 2018, we started cooperation in the field of servicing the Philips and Volcano medical equipment, and carrying out ongoing repairs and periodic inspections in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards